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Autonomous Arduino Mega Track Robot

This robot uses 4 Sharp IR sensors to wander around the house and avoid running into things.

Story I was looking for a fun weekend project with parts I had around the house. In digging through my junk box, I found a track chassis I bought a while back on Amazon just because it looked cool. I figured I'd use it one day. Apparently, this was the day! I thought an autonomous robot would be fun to build. I've built a few robots in my day with wheels or legs, but never with tracks. So this was my project! Next I found an Arduino Mega and an old motor shield, so I was off to the races! I mounted the Mega and the battery holder that came with the chassis using double-sided tape. Then I snapped on the motor shield. The shield can drive 2 DC motors using a handful of digital pins on the Arduino. Now that I had a drive system, I needed sensors to keep the robot from running into things. Luckily, I had four Sharp IR sensors with 10-80cm range. I needed some way to position them in four di…

ESP8266 Weather Station

This was a fun and interesting project built from a kit by Ideaspark. It teaches you, not only how to push data to the web using an ESP8266, but also how to retrieve data from an API and parse the resulting JSON.

I built this project back in April-May of last year. I actually posted it as the Project of the Month. I got some good feedback from others who built it along with me.

As the name implies, the brains of the project is an ESP8266 microcontroller. The weather station senses local values for temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, and ambient light and uploads the data to ThingSpeak. At the same time, it also grabs weather data and 3 day forecast from the web by calling the OpenWeathermap API and outputs it on to small OLED display.

The kit includes all parts needed for the weather station:
ESP8266-12E Microcontroller w/ builtin WiFiDHT11 Humidity and Temperature sensorBMP180 Barometric Pressure sensorBH1750FVI Ambient Light sensorSSD1306 OLED DisplayUSB cableBreadboardCable…